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Chad I started street racing when I was 15, started  my parts business at 15,  started modifying  anything to do with cars at 15. Everything from  Model "A" Ford to Renault Dauphine.
 First Jag  was an XK-120, one of 6 that I  owned, and one of around 50 Jags I owned  over the years, not counting the 40 plus  Corvettes I owned, everything from a 1956, to  1967. 
 Then got into Dodge HEMI cars, had a 66  Charger with a 950 HP HEMI in it, was my  winning drag car for several years earning over $450,000.00 when I had it.  Had and drove 1970 Plymouth Duster Pro Stock car. left end of drag strip at around 180 mph one time, no brakes.  Set drag records over the years and had a room full of trophies, that I gave away.
Bought my first Lamborghini in 1981, Espada, owned the 3rd Miura built, owned 350GT, 400GT, Jarama S, and 11 Countach cars. Built  95 JAG XJS V12 Coupe for racing, doing things to engine that I was told would not work, went 173 mph in a standing start mile, was told engine made over 450 HP.. Not bad for a $28,000.00 car, and IT WAS FASTER in the standing mile than the $200,000.00 plus dollar   600 plus HP Lamborghini  Murcielago, which only manage around 166 in the standing mile. Designed the first 4 link suspension for a drag car back in the 70's. Designed a clutchless 4 speed transmission in the early 70's also. Have been crossing Lamborghini part numbers to easy to get parts for over 25 years.
Stock parts mainly for the Countach, but can supply parts for any Lamborghini, IF the part number is still a good number. 
Today, I work on customer Lamborghini cars from the Countach back to the 350GT, NO V8 cars.  I only work on 2 or 3 cars at the same time, and do not take work off the street. Customer has to be invited into my shop.  Shop located on my farm of 20 acres, in Leesville SC.   I sell parts world wide, and have customers from Saudi Arabia to Japan.  
I will be 72 in Nov, am a proud US Army Vet,  and am at this time 80% DAV,  VA, is working on making me 100% DAV.    
I do this because I love it. Have a super wife, she does the shipping, and keeps me straight.  She  also has been known to install an engine assy. into a Countach, and is a super parts cleaner.
Today working on a special engine for the Countach, with just about every internal part being custom hand made.  If everything works out, I think I will get around 550 HP, in a 3000 lb Countach, that should be a rocket.
Chadbourn Bolles
803 532 6257 h
803 798 3044 cell

Ever wonder?

If you own a Countach with the aluminum shields, ever wonder what is under it?.


Need a Manual?

I have several manuals, that I scanned, in case you need one.